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In an effort to make masks for our healthcare providers I wanted to compose a list of some great videos I've found on the internet. This is only a sampling of whats out there but as a seamstress myself I thought these particular videos were helpful for a variety of skill levels. 

As always, please make sure to wash your fabric in warm/hot water and dry on medium to high heat for at least 30 minutes before cutting fabric. This helps to pre-shrink the fabric. If you skip this step, depending on the type of fabric you use, the mask may shrink after it's washed and dried. Plus washing the mask like this will help simulate how it will be washed by the healthcare provider to sanitize it. If your fabric can not be washed in warm/hot and dried in the dryer, it should not be used for the masks. 

Easy to Sew

Simple mask without elastic straps

This great mask pattern and instructional video by is great for beginning sewers or people with no sewing experience. It offers step by step instructions as well as written instructions. 

simple facemask .jpg

Click on the photo or this link to get more information. 

Simple mask with elastic straps

This easy to sew mask features a triple layer square mask with elastic straps from Erica Arndt. This pattern is also great for a beginners. 

DIY simple mask.png

Click on the photo or this link to get more information. 

Erica just uploaded a new video on 3/37 on how to make this mask with cloth ties. Here is the link. Cloth tie tutorial.


Rectangle Mask with Ties, no elastic

This is an intermediate level mask. What I like about this mask is that it uses cloth ties and no elastic, since elastic is the new gold. The pattern also has a pocket to add a filter and has a way to add metal to the bridge of the nose for a more form fitted feel. 

mask with straps.png

Click on the photo or this link to get more information. 

Contour Mask with Elastic & Filter Pocket

This is definitely an intermediate level mask. It's nice because it offers a pocket for a filter and the contour shape fits nicely on the face. It does use elastic so if you have some, great. If not, you could probably follow the steps of how to make the straps from other videos and use those instead. The video is very detailed and comes with a PDF with instructions. Thanks to Unity Point Health for making this video. 

olson pattern.jpg

Click on the photo or this link to get more information. 

As always, thanks for helping us get masks to our healthcare providers and please continue to check back as we are updating it regularly. Also please subscribe below to get updates on new patterns and where to donate.