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EASY TO SEW 3 Layer Face Mask

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Check out the video below for a great, easy to sew mask.

Photo credit: Erica Made Designs

This mask is really easy and quick to sew. It does require elastic, which I've heard is hard to come by, so I will try to find some videos of masks that are elastic free.

Also if you don't have flannel, you can replace it with interfacing or just leave it out and use the two layers of cotton.

Here is the PDF of the instructions. Thanks Erica Arndt for making this great video and sharing it with the community.

Just a quick update. Due to a lot of requests, Erica has posted a new video on how to make this same mask, but with cloth ties. Check out that video below.

Before making you mask, remember to pre-wash your fabrics in hot water and dry on high heat. You want to shrink the fabric before you make the masks because the healthcare providers are likely going to be washing and cleaning their masks this way when they get them home.

Thanks everyone for your hard work making masks for healthcare workers #maskmakersbrigade #millionmaskchallenge

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