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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Who are we and what our goal is

As a physician in a busy hospital here on Oahu, I have been faced with the reality that we as providers, may run out of critical supplies needed to help those who are ill with COVID-19 the illness caused by the novel coronavirus causing the pandemic.

Why masks?

As a seamstress, I started to make homemade medical masks for myself and my family as the global supply of masks has all but dried up. I wanted to ensure we were protected from the pandemic. Then I started to hear from friends and family about how they felt helpless being at home, not able to work. I got the idea after dinner with my mom and thought she could help out too. She too is a seamstress and now with the stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Ige, she has a lot of time on her hands and already has a lot of fabrics so why not put it to good use.

Mask Makers Brigade

This gave me the idea to start the Mask Makers Brigade. We are fighting in a war. A war on an invisible enemy, the coronavirus. We can all work together and come together to fight this virus, just like everyone came together to fight a common enemy during WWII. Hence, the birth of the Mask Makers Brigade. Masks are a relatively easy thing to sew, but has a lot of potential benefit for #healthcareworkers and getting the much needed PPE. #maskmakersbrigade

Keeping it local.

While the entire world will be battling the coronavirus, we here in Hawaii are in a unique position. We are geographically isolated from the mainland. Which may be in our benefit in preventing the spread of the disease, but if things get bad here, we are isolated. Also, we are a small state and with a nationwide crisis what supplies do get made will likely be sent to the hardest hit areas, which will undoubtedly be mainland cities. So the best way to ensure we have enough supplies here is to make some of them ourselves.

How can you help?

First things first is the make the masks. In the coming days I will be posting about patterns and details about where the masks can be donated. Please subscribe to receive updates or check back to see the latest news and updates.


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