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Simple Face Mask WITHOUT Elastic

This great video is to make a mask that doesn't use elastic straps, but rather ties, like a traditional surgical mask. It also has a pocket for a filter and metal on the nose for a close fit.

After watching the video the skill level is estimated at easy to intermediate. There a few more steps than some other videos out there, but this video is nice in that the mask has a pocket for a filter as well as a piece of metal for the bridge of the nose to help get a nice fit.

Before making you mask, remember to pre-wash your fabrics in hot water and dry on high heat. You want to shrink the fabric before you make the masks because the healthcare providers are likely going to be washing and cleaning their masks this way when they get them home.


1- Rectangle Fabric 9 inches by 14 inches 2 - 1.5 inch x 30 inch strips 1 - Twist Tie approximately 6.5 inches (can use binder prongs, pipe cleaner or multiple twist tie strands for added stability. 1. Press strips in half and the fold edges to center and press. 2.Over edge stitch both of the 9 inch sides of your rectangle 3. Press in half lengthwise right sides together 4. Mark 1.5 inches from each side at the edge of your mask. 5. Stitch from edge to this line back stitching when you begin and end. Press open. 6. Turn right side out and topstitch along the lower folded edge. 7. Mark .5 inch from seam. Fold to this line. Press and topstitch all the way around mask. 8. Insert twist tie and stitch along the upper folded edge of your seam. 9. Press in half. Then quarters to create creases and pleat, pin and iron. 10. Fold binding strip in half to find center. And pin to center of mask. 11. Fold under raw edge of binding and then topstitch along edge simultaneously stitching it closed and attaching it to mask.

Thanks for helping us make masks for our healthcare providers. #maskmakersbrigade #millionmaskchallenge

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