Research on Homemade Masks

The data on the efficay of homemade masks is limited but the short version of what I have seen published is that homemade masks appear to be more effective than nothing. As a general disclaimer, I am not guaranteeing your safety, nor the safety of the individual masks and designs. I'm merely providing you with information on how you might choose to make and design your masks. 

The graph below shows a single layer of material and its effectiveness compared to a standard medical grade surgical mask


The following graph shows effectiveness of different layers of materials, single vs double, compared to a standard medical grade surgical mask


The next graph shows the breathability of each mask with the material used compared to a standard medical mask.



We are organizing this site to help make masks for healthcare workers in case we need them. We do not claim they work better than professionally FDA approved masks. Please use homemade masks at your own risk.